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Extra Fancy Blue Lotus Flowers

Extra Fancy Blue Lotus Featured

Extra Fancy Blue Lotus Flowers are grown, harvested, and dried to our specifications in partnership with the growers and harvesters. By working together, we have been able to produce a truly remarkable flower. Please read more to learn what makes them different from other lotus flowers.

New Packaging and Guidelines

  1. Extra Fancy Blue Lotus™ Whole Flowers will now be packaged in 8′′ by 10′′, bug proof, long-term storage bags. This is being done to allow the flowers to be packaged and kept in the packaging without being compressed. Our goal is to get the flowers to the customer in the same condition in which we received them.
  2. Only whole flowers are being packaged. Any loose material is now properly cleaned and offered separately.

How are these Blue Lotus™ Flowers Different?


These flowers are huge. Under the right growing conditions, Nymphaea Caerulea Flowers can grow quite large. During the peak growing season, Extra Fancy Lotus Flowers (dried can reach well over 6′′ wide (when fully open) and weigh over 7 grams (a quarter of an ounce). The average whole blue lotus flower on the market weighs roughly 2 grams. These flowers weigh on average 3.5 to 4 grams. Nearly twice the size.


These flowers are deeply cleaned before they are dried. When we are done processing this material, the only dust we ever find is bright yellow pollen from the stamens. We also sometimes find clear sap on them from when they are harvested.


Extra Fancy Lotus Flowers™ are harvested and prepared when the order is placed. When we contact the farm to place an order, the flowers have yet to be harvested.


During harvesting, only select flowers are harvested based on color, condition, and state of development. We also hand select them and remove the very few that are not extra fancy grade.


After they are harvested and cleaned, they are immediately dried using a new patented drying process that dries them evenly and without any loss of color or aroma.


Surfside Naturals’ Extra Fancy Lotus Flowers™ have a unique “candy-like” fragrance. This is due to the genetics of the flowers and many of the processes mentioned previously. It is unique to these flowers.


As with all of our products, these flowers are carefully packaged and box-shipped.


As with all of our products, these flowers are received, cleaned, immediately packaged, and carefully boxed, then stored in a dark, cool, and dry environment.

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