Blue Lotus Flowers | Pure Petals & Stamens | Extra Fancy | Nymphaea Caerulea


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Pure Blue Lotus Flowers

Aroma: floral and very strong
Color: dark or light sky blue with yellow and dark or light sky blue stamens
Composition: petals and stamens

Overall Grade: Extra Fancy

The material you will receive is exactly as pictured in the product images.

This is exquisite organic material, containing only the fragrant, non-woody parts of the flower.

Please read this description so you can fully understand what this product is and what other Blue Lotus Flowers on the market actually contain.

At this time, Blue Lotus and other water lilies (Nymphaeaceae) are generally available in three forms:

Crushed: The whole flower is crushed and dried.

Cut: The whole flower is cut and dried.

Whole: The flower is dried whole.

But what exactly are you getting?

In general, (in weight) non-processed whole and crushed or cut Blue Lotus Flowers will contain 50% petals and stamens (the fragrant purple and yellow parts of the flower) and 50% young seed pods (a hard woody part of the flower that the petals and stamens are attached to). When allowed to grow, the petals and stamens will fall off, and the seed pod will become what is called Blue Lotus Fruit.

At an early stage of growth (and others), the seed pod is considered valuable and is known to contain a high percentage of essential oils. However, in general, it takes longer to steep, is slightly bitter if someone is making tea, and if used as incense, is less fragrant and harsher.

This material is created by hand processing Whole Blue Lotus flowers, separating the petals and stamens from the young seed pod, and removing it.

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