Peppermint | Whole Leaf | Wild Crafted | Mentha Piperita


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1 oz Hand Processed Whole Wild Crafted Peppermint Leaf

Aroma: Earthy
Color: Dark to light green
Composition: Nice whole leaf.

Overall Grade A

Latin: Mentha Piperita

We went through this material by hand and removed any loose stems, herb dust, and crushed leaves. Peppermint is a natural hybrid of Spearmint and Wildmint. This material is wild crafted and seems to be a hybrid with a higher % of Wildmint than Spearmint.

This leaf is slow dried so it’s actual aroma is more earthy. Many wild crafters like to dry their material that way.

The menthol content in this leaf is high. As far as smudging, we burned some and the menthol was very easily and immediately noticeable.

As far as tea, we also made some with this material and the results were impressive. Nice strong aroma and tea. Only 1 gm is the recommended dosage.

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Weight 2 oz
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