California Poppy | Eschscholzia Californica


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California Poppy Pure Leaf™

Aroma: herbal
Color: dark green
Composition: small, uniform leaves with small stems

Grade: Fancy USDA Certified Organic

Botanical name: Eschscholzia Californica

Also called: California Sunlight, Cup of Gold and Golden poppy

California Poppy is a very stemy plant and is only produced as herb (the entire plant cut up). Surfside Naturals Pure Leaf™ California Poppy is hand processed to remove a significant percentage of the large, hard stems. On average, when one pound (16 ounces) of this herb is processed, nine ounces of stems are removed, leaving 7 ounces of leaf, flower, and some smaller, more supple stems. This enhances the potency and flavor of the material.

California Poppy is said to possibly have a history of being used in a diffusion for relaxation and may have mild pain-relieving properties. More scientific research is needed to fully verify its effectiveness.

Cautions: may cause drowsiness and complications with anesthesia.

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