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Ultra Yellow Lotus™  1 oz

Latin name: Nymphaea Mexicana

Also known as: Yellow Lily, Mexican Waterlily and Banana Waterlily.

The images are only of a 1/2 oz.

Aroma: Light Floral Vanilla
Color: Beautiful light yellow flowers with dark yellow stamens
Composition: Fresh whole flower

Overall Grade A++

The farm that we obtain these flowers from refers to them as Fragrant Lotus or Perfume Lotus.

This is not Nelumbo Lutea which is also referred to as Yellow Lotus and is actually a Lotus with leaves ( lily pads ) that grow out of and above of the water.

Nymphaea Mexicana is a very close relative of Nymphaea Caerulea ( Blue Lotus ). Both plants have large green leaves ( lily pads ), with purple patterning, that rest on the surface of the water.

This gourmet material is harvested when we place the order. Once they are harvested they are immediately dried in greenhouses to preserve their flavor and fragrance.

Yellow Lily, with its fantastic vanilla fragrance, is used as an exotic tea in the orient.

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