Blue Lotus Leaf | Nymphaea Caerulea


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Hand-processed Blue Lotus Leaf

Nymphaea Caerulea is known as the “Blue Lotus”, but it is actually a lily (meaning the leaves rest on top of the water).

These leaves are green on top and dark purple on the bottom. Can you see the purple in the picture?

Please read: There are basically no stems in this product. There are some parts of the main stem that connect the leaf to the stalk. They look like little pizzas with two leaves attached to them. They have a white cotton-like material (It looks just like cotton) in the center of them. This is natural and part of the plant. There are very few of them in the material.

Blue Lotus Leaf is used as smudge incense and for tinctures. We do not recommend it for use as tea. If you are looking for a fantastic lotus leaf tea, take a look at our Sacred Lotus Leaf.

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