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Pure Flower White Lotus ™

Latin name: Nymphaea Ampla

Also known as: White Lily, Flower of the Water, Vulva of the Water, Large Water Lily, Feather Flower, Sun of the Water and The Ear of the Rain God.

Aroma: Full Bodied
Color: White and Tan Stamens
Composition: Pure Flower only Petals and Stamens

Overall Grade A

White Lotus ( Nymphaea Ampla ) is a very close relative of Nymphaea Caerulea ( Blue Lotus ) . Both plants are actually Water Lilies as their leaves rest on top of the water ( Lily Pads ) as opposed to the Water Lotus which leaves are kept above the water.

As stated in the title this is pure White Lotus Flower. It contains only the non-woody supple parts of the flower.

This material is created by processing the whole flower and removing the seed pods and other woody parts of the flower.

Very clean, and fresh.

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