Mugwort Leaf | Artemisia Vulgaris


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Hand Selected Mugwort Leaf | Artemisia Vulgaris

The Mugwort Plant was used to flavor beer before hops and may act as a bitter digestive tonic.

Botanical Name: Artemisia Vulgaris
Plant Family: Asteraceae
Also called: Sailor’s Tobacco, Dream Herb, Chrysanthemum Weed, Felon Herb, and St. John’s Plant.

New Harvest!

We have two fantastic, recently harvested, variations in stock at this time.

How is this organic and Wild Crafted Mugwort Leaf is processed? What exactly is this?

1. When we receive Mugwort Leaves, they are immediately sterilized. This process is 100% chemical-free and eliminates any insects that may have been picked up on the journey to us or elsewhere.

2. Each pound of this material is visually inspected and cleaned. Larger unwanted materials, like off-color leaves and stems and lower-quality leaves, are removed. Because Mugwort leaves are fairly large, this also results in the elimination of smaller debris and herb dust.

3. It is then placed in dark, airtight containers and stored at or below room temperature.

Nice, clean, fresh leaf.

This process results in a loss of approximately 10 to 20% of the Wild Crafted Leaf and 5 to 10% of the Gourmet Organic. Mostly consisting of stems, lower-grade leaves, and herb dust.

The tea pictured in the product photos was made by boiling 1 gm of leaf per 16 fluid ounces of water for 7 minutes. Then allowing the water to cool and straining out the herbs. Please see the description of each variation for details on how the tea turned out. We find mugwort tea to be calming but also energizing, without the nervousness associated with coffee.


Very nice, clean, hand-processed Mugwort Leaf imported directly from the harvesters. This material is ethically harvested from its natural habitat. It is as nature intended it to be.

Aroma: very strong
Color: light to dark green
Composition: clean leaf

Grade: Fancy

Tea: Tea made from this leaf by following the above instructions has a strong flavor, but would not be considered overly bitter. Many people like to add some honey or stevia leaves to their herbal tea to sweeten it.


Freshly hand-picked Mugwort Leaf acquired directly from plants grown at an Organic Farm here in the US. It was harvested at an early stage of growth, so it is slightly less bitter. This is a real treat, and we have a very limited supply. If you enjoy Mugwort Tea you will love this leaf. Enjoy!

Aroma: subtle
Color: light to dark green
Composition: clean leaf

Grade: Extra Fancy

Tea: Tea made from this leaf, by following the above instructions, has a very mild tea-like flavor (tastes like tea). There is no need to sweeten it.

Do you enjoy making herbal tea? Please feel free to stop by our Blog and ask some questions or tell us about your experiences.

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