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How to Make Herbal Tea

How to Make Herbal Tea

Welcome! The purpose of this post is to not only provide some ideas for making herbal tea, but also allow people to share their ideas and experiences.

When it comes to making herbal tea, there are nearly as many different ways to do it as there are stars in the sky. Boil the water, then add varying amounts of herbs and let them soak in the water for varying amounts of time. (steeping). There are virtually so many different ways to make herbal tea and different herbs and blends of herbs to use for herbal tea that we would be typing for days listing them all. It might surprise some people that some practitioners of herbal medicine recommend boiling herbs for 30 minutes before consuming them or drinking tea made from them. There is no question that making tea from different herbs requires different methods.

In general, the longer you boil the herb or blend of herbs, the more bitter they become. We can confirm that, for many different herbs, boiling them longer does not make them more bitter. Something you might also consider is how the particular method you are using sterilizes the material and tea. Boiling the herbs in water is an effective method for killing any bacteria or parasites the herbs may have come into contact with on their way to you.

These are our general recommendations for making herbal tea. Depending on the herb or herbs being used, the amount of herbs used and the amount of time they are boiled or steeped can and should be adjusted properly.

Boil 1 gram of herbs for every 16 ounces of water for at least 7 minutes. Let it cool, filter out the herbs, and serve.

If you are someone who enjoys herbal tea, please feel free to ask questions or comment.

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