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Pure, hand-processed Sinicuichi Leaf.

This is fresh premium, wildcrafted (harvested from its natural or wild habitat), Sinicuichi Leaf imported directly from the harvesters in Mexico. It is then hand-processed by us to remove unwanted materials like stems and herb dust.

Aroma: strong and fresh
Color: beautiful light green
Composition: nice uniform leaf with a small amount of small stems.

Grade: Fancy

Latin name: Heimia Salicifolia

Also called: Sun Opener, Willow-Leaf, Shrubby Yellowcrest, Heimia and the abbreviated version of Sinicuichi (Sini).

A flowering plant in the Loosestrife family ( Lythraceae ) that is a native, Southern American species ranging from the southwestern United States through Mexico and Central America to Northern South America.

Sinicuichi has historically been used as tea and is said to have a mildly bitter taste.

The Sinicuichi plant may have been used by native shamans in Mexico and Central America. Some have claimed Heimia Leaves may help someone unwind by acting as a natural muscle relaxer. More scientific research is needed.

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