Wildcrafted Red Perilla Leaf (Perilla Fruitescens Folium)


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Hand-Processed, Wildcrafted Red Perilla Leaf (Perilla Fruitescens Folium).

Fresh harvest! What you see is what you will get!

Gourmet material.

Aroma: fresh herbal
Color: maroonish purple and green (though these leaves look purple to us, they are called Red Perilla Leafs)
Composition: clean leaf

Grade: Fancy

Latin: Perilla Fruitescens

Also called: Perilla Mint, Purple Mint, Japanese Basil, shiso, Wild Sesame or Beefsteak Plant.

Perilla (a member of the mint family) has so many uses that it is hard to list them all. It is used as a tea; the leaves are used in salads; and it is often used to make wraps from seafood. Like other members of the mint family, Perilla is known to help with digestive issues and symptoms of the common cold. It is also widely used as a calming agent.

The tea pictured in the product photos was made by boiling 1 gram of leaf per 16 fluid ounces of water for 7 minutes. Then allowing the water to cool and straining out the herbs.

Do you enjoy making herbal tea? Please feel free to stop by our Blog and ask some questions or tell us about your experiences.

Tea made from this leaf, by following the above instructions, is non-bitter and quite mild.

How is this Wildcrafted Perilla Leaf processed? What exactly is this material?

1. When we receive Perilla Leaf it is immediately sterilized. This process is 100% chemical free and eliminates any insects that may have been picked up on the journey to us or elsewhere.

2. Each pound of this material is visually inspected and cleaned. Larger, unwanted materials are removed.

3. Perilla is harvested as a whole leaf. The leaves are quite large and almost always include the stem (like a maple leaf that has fallen off a tree in the fall). We break the leaf apart to create a uniform material and remove any stems.

4. It is then processed to remove smaller, unwanted materials like herb dust and smaller particles.

5. After a thorough cleaning, it is placed in dark, airtight containers and stored at or below room temperature.

This process results in a loss of approximately 25 to 35% of the material. Mostly consisting of stems, some lower-grade leaf, herb dust, and smaller particles.

This is pure Perilla Leaf.

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