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Hand Processed Wild Crafted Field Mint Leaf (Mentha Haplocalyx Herba).

Fresh harvest! What you see is what you will get!

Aroma: strong mint
Color: green
Composition: clean leaf

Grade: Fancy

Latin: Mentha Haplocalyx Herba

Also called: Asian Peppermint, Wild Mint and Bo He.

Field Mint has a mild flavor, strong minty scent, and a very high menthol content. It is known to have a clean mint flavor and is often compared to, and called, Peppermint. Like other mints containing menthol, it can help with bad breath or a sore throat, ease congestion, and assist with symptoms of an upset stomach. It is also said to be an aid to relaxation. Field Mint’s strong fragrance can make it a useful deodorizer and incense.

This is harvested from its natural habitat and provided just as nature intended.

The tea pictured in the product photos was made by boiling 1 gram of leaf per 16 fluid ounces of water for 7 minutes. Then allowing the water to cool and straining out the herbs.

Do you enjoy making herbal tea? Please feel free to stop by our Blog and ask some questions or tell us about your experiences.

Tea made from this leaf, by following the above instructions, has a minty flavor and strong menthol content. To get the most out of this, it should be consumed a short time after brewing.

How is this Wild Crafted Field Mint Leaf processed? What exactly is this material?

1. When we receive Field Mint it is immediately sterilized. This process is 100% chemical-free and eliminates any insects that may have been picked up on the journey to us or elsewhere.

2. Each pound of this material is visually inspected and cleaned. Larger, unwanted materials are removed.

3. This Field Mint is harvested by collecting most of the upper parts of the plant. We must separate the leaves from the branches they are connected to. In the process of that, we create a very clean and uniform material.

4. We then remove smaller, unwanted materials like dust and smaller particles.

5. After a thorough cleaning, it is placed in dark, airtight containers and stored at or below room temperature.

This process results in a loss of approximately 40 to 50% of the material. Mostly consisting of stems, some lower-grade leaf, dust, and smaller particles.

This is fantastic, rare, fully hand-processed material.

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